Mission Statement

Bringing a smile to your everyday life

A life full of smiles enriches one’s life. That’s the reason why we offer as many people as possible the opportunities to smile.

In order to do that, we feel the trend of the times without fear of any changes, and spend our own lives respecting the individualities.

We provide the public with the intensely moving experiences that we have realised in our own lives and the new senses of values that make your life enjoyable.

We believe that our country will become a delightful place, having spiritual happiness, and be able to boast about it to the world if our future society is filled with smiles.

Business Domain

Advertisements and Public Information

We approach the consumers in fascinating ways with the information that you wish to project in order to generate emotion for the purpose of stimulating and maintaining their demands.

  • - PR
  • - Promotions


We tighten the bond between client and consumers through intensely moving and impressive experiences.

  • - Events
  • - Stages

Project Planning

We stimulate purchasing by adding high brand values resulting in differentiation and competitiveness.

  • - Branding
  • - Product Developmentss

Specialist Introduction

Keita Sugawara

Event Creator

Masaya Kudaka


Keita Sugawara
Masaya Kudaka

Koji Ogasawara

Event Designer
Scenario Writer

Yuka Hiratsuka

Event Designer
Prop Stylist

Company Profile

    • Company Name
    • Synchronicity <tokyo> Co., Ltd.
    • Date of Establishment
    • 12 April 2006
    • Representatives
    • Keita Sugawara/Managing Director
    • Contact Information
    • KANAMACHI BASE 4-25-4 Kanamachi,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo 125-0042
    • HAKONE BASE 1261-95 Sengokuhara,Hakone-machi,Ashigarashimo-gun,Kanagawa 250-0631